TAD Instructor Update: Kevin Chen

TAD is proud to announce that the founder of the Concept Design Academy and leading entertainment industry concept artists Kevin Chen will be joining TAD to assist students in learning in a number of key areas related to Fine Art, Concept Art, and Illustration. I consider Kevin to be the finest teacher of art in Los Angeles. With Marshall in Orange County and Ron Lemen in San Diego, and the POD in SF, the Golden State is well represented. Kevin is a teacher by blood and his heart has always been in education and helping students. This, combined with his stellar resume and portfolio are why it is more than an honor to have him with us. Welcome Kevin Chen. I know all the TAD instructors are excited to have your help too.

First, I shall start by posting this great thread right here on CA with a bunch of Kevin's figure demos. These are done IN CLASS:

And here are some of his works:

and if the work did not speak for itself, check this out:

As there are some changes to the TAD instructors list over time, we want to be sure that all TAD students understand that TAD is committed to having the finest educators and education of any in the world of art. Thank you Kevin for your help and we all look forward to working with you!

Jason Manley

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