Let the workshop begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Sketchy's session in December with pearl lux as our model.
Brittany and Tyrone came by to practice their Acro-yoga routine in the studio and they let us draw them.
Studio leader Francis Vallejo's drawings
Francis Vallejo Drawn by Orlando
Brock cooper self portrait
Evan Norman
Brock cooper
Nate Abell
Evan Norman
Evan Norman
Miles Wadsworth
Miles Wadsworth
Paul's oil painting in progress for the first week at the workshop
Sterling Hundley showing how to paint with gouache on a canvas.
Sterling's second demo with gouache on canvas
Sterling's first demo discussing the way he approaches his assignments and portraits.
Nate Abell's portrait for the first weeks assignment.
Will hard at work getting Patrick Miller's likeness.
Sterling painting demo
Jane Radstrom Discussing her approach to figure drawing.
Brent Watkinson and Marshall Vandruff critiquing the first weeks assignments.

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