Orlando Sanchez | Beauty collection 2012

Since December of 2011 I have been working on a series of paintings exploring beauty and the female figure  simply called the beauty collection. They are drawings and paintings of models that I have had a great privilege to work with, and paint from the inspiring photos I have taken of them. Each model inspiring a different approach and a unique view on beauty. The paintings represent the expression of what I have learned and what has inspired me for this past year. I plan on continuing the beauty collection and begin to travel to different countries, once the funds are in order, to experience the beauty of these places and paint from more wonderful and interesting models. I hope you enjoy: 
For those interested in purchasing an original painting you can go here or email me: 
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Thank you:)

Robin's muse book paintings and drawings and other projects. I'm currently working on publishing the second book online and painting images for the third book. Below is the first e-book with an explanation of what it's about inside the first page. 

Most recent figure drawings from the figure session at the studio:

Most recent beauty collection projects that I have been working on and some process shots:  

This is the amazing Porcelain: 
Painting studies for bigger pieces: 

In progress shot: 

Final black and white gif: I'll release the final color version at a later date:)

This is Sadie in all her beauty: 

Hannah is the most recent model I had the pleasure of having a photo shoot with and for this shoot the idea was alter ego's and in the final image to put them all together. Her light side, her dark side, and her normal beautiful self:)

This is the first study I have done so far: 

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