Evan Norman

Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I have uploaded anything to the ATX Studio Blog. I am a student in my final semester at TAD and I have been in the Austin Studio for the full length of the program. I have spent a lot of time focusing on my figurative art and now I am illustrating a card game for my senior thesis. You can find more of my work on my tumblr and you can follow me on twitter for updates regarding my art and card game. 

Thanks for looking,
-evan norman


  1. Wow, Evan...you've improved exponentially. This is Brandon Nance, I used to go to Kevin's live figure drawing class at AI in Houston. Doubt you remember, but saw this on my FB feed and had to shout you out. Nice work!

    1. hehe. Yeah man, I remember. It has been a long time. Thanks for the kind words. I think I found you on FB, we should chat and catch up sometime. Does kevin still host his wednesday night sessions?

    2. I'm at ai Houston right now. The life drawing is on Tuesday night now. If you are ever in town you should stop by. He does teach a class on wednesday nights though and I'm sure he'd love to have a guest.

    3. Btw I made a recent trip to Austin and checked out the studio space. If I can figure out how to pull it off I might be joining you guys out there in February.

  2. Such a great artwork! Continue creating more like this :)

  3. Drawing is one of the hobbies I love, I'm glad to see your works. Somehow it inspires me to push through with my hobby.