Figure drawings created in the studio and "Patrick's sketch"

Hey everyone,

The past few figure sessions have been great. Come on out on Saturday 2pm-5pm at 500 east fifth street downtown Austin look for the red door. Join us. I have to say that all this figure drawing is allowing the students to create better pieces every week. Leaps and bounds for each individuals skill set! Lets keep it moving! Thank you for stopping by. Plenty more to come...


  1. These are great. What is that? Some kind of graphite or am I looking at charcoal?

  2. Most of the pieces were made in charcoal. The third one down is graphite. Thanks for the comment vincent.

  3. I'd love to attend these sessions but can't make it on weekends. I work downtown (Congress and 3rd) and would probably be a regular if there was a week night session. I'm just throwing that out there in case there has been similar interest from others.

    Great work posted!