May 11 - What's Next?

[normally i don't include my musings on the pod blog. exception today]

Do you guys know what happened on yesterday? It was the end of the 'Great Funk of 2011'. Yep, I officially got over my almost 2 week funk. I think it was finally conquered because I honestly just stopped caring. Stopped caring about how much I suck. I am in school to learn how to draw and paint and I am doing that right now. Now that my eyes are a bit more focused? I can ask myself these questions while having a smile on my face.

"What's Next?"

"Where am I going?"


Basically, as long as I breathe I will keep moving forward. Forward towards the future that Jena and I yearn for. To the people who read this blog, thank you for taking some interest in how my life unfolds. I hope your life is going as planned, and if it isn't. I hope it gets on track soon. Remember to ask some basic questions about where are you? and where do you want to be? Does question one lead to question two?


Oh, by the way. There are a few images. First is a painting from life that I did last night. It was my first time painting from a fixed timeframe or from a live model. Next is a oil painting study of He Kongde - A chinese painter. Last is a 45 minute study of an Adam Ford drawing.

Thank you,

ps. A pic of some of the antics that go on here at the POD

Francis Vallejo, Patrick Miller & Nate Abell (can you find nate?)

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