In my internet adventures I came across a video from Milton Glaser about the Fear of Failure. (weird that I can't embed the video in this blog)

Milton Glaser is the graphic designer that made the 'I Love New York' Logo. This video might apply to some people out there. Milton asks is it failing that you really are afraid of? or is it the criticism and embarrassment that follows. Are we afraid of being exposed because we don't know what we are doing??

He went on to say that it is the self criticism that comes with failure that is the subject of our fear. Afraid of being exposed and forced to acknowledge the fact that you are not a genius. Because we all know that geniuses don't fail. As people and artists, we are constantly praised for being amazing or geniuses. Most parents think that they child is the second coming of Michelangelo. But the truth is, you are not special and you are not a genius. Mike Lim (Daarken) had a blog post about his evolution as an artist and it took a long long time.

So, how do we conquer the Fear of Failure?? Embrace It. Embrace Failure. We learn through our failures. We reach mastery through loads of failure. One of the times that I met Android Jones he said that if he didn't fail in a piece it meant that he didn't learn anything and it would have just been an exercise.

Anyways. I thought the video was inspiring. Failure is a part of my everyday life here at TAD and it gets frustrating. I am not afraid of failing. I know where I am and where I want to be. I know the path that must be taken and I know it's hard. Failing doesn't get me down but I get myself down. I have a Fear of Not Being Good Enough. Not being good enough as a son, a fiance, a friend, and as a student.

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And of course here is some art work that I have done in the past couple of weeks. I had to stop attending the figure sessions at school because my wedding is at the end of the month and finals are due next week. 

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